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Architectural Louver Sunshade and Grilles

Architectural Louver Sunshade and Grilles – AL Series

Architectural Louver, Louver Sunshade

DAMS Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of the Architectural Louver Sunshades and Grilles. Designed to meet your specifications, our architectural grille comes in a wide variety of metals, sizes, perforation patterns, colors and finishes. Also, the decorative architectural grille is often the finishing touch, an important element which can make a big difference in the overall architectural signature of your project.

An architectural louver sunshade / grille can also increase privacy and protection. They are very popular for use with parking garages and equipment enclosures for superior protection and concealment.

Product Features

  • Our Architectural Grille and Custom Louver is strong, durable and functional with unlimited color possibilities.
  • Decorative and functional design options are available for both our architectural grille and custom louver.
  • Our Grilles and Louvers are precision built to your design.
  • The Architectural Grille and Louver is ideal for visual screens to increase privacy, hide equipment or parking facilities.
  • Straight or angled architectural grille bars can be utilized to deflect headlights in parking garages.
  • Our Architectural Grille is lightweight and strong with unique visual appeal.
  • Storm resistant louvers have the highest AMCA Class A rating against rain penetration.
  • PVDF (Kynar®) resin based coatings for long term finish warranties.
  • Architectural Grille designs can be made to accommodate maximum visible privacy.

Lighter and More Contemporary Look

DAMS Incorporated Architectural Grille and Custom Louver are some of the finest grilles, louvers and vents available today.

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Architectural Louver, Louver Sunshade

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