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Aluminum Column Covers

- Low-maintenance and cost-effective

- Custom-fabricated to match
building contours, can be round,
square or rectangular

- Green Building Assistance &
LEED® Credit Potential

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Aluminum Column Covers – CPCC Series

Aluminum Column Covers

DAMS Incorporated provides Aluminum Column Covers for a variety of applications and conditions to enhance any building.  These column wraps are fabricated on press breaks and roll-forming equipment as shapes require. A variety of joint details are used to achieve certain desired effects such as a recessed or hairline joint. A recessed joint can be used with caulking or a channel detail if caulking is not desired. A flush detail may also be achieved which gives an appearance of a hairline joint. They are ideal for interior and exterior column enclosures.

Joints can be Rainscreen, Wet Joint or Key Slot Hairline, depending on the design requirements.

  • Series 3000 – 1/2″ Joint Wet Joint System
  • Series 3500 – 3/4″ Joint Wet Joint System
  • Series 4000 – 1/2″ Joint Rainscreen System
  • Series 4500 – 3/4” Joint Rainscreen System
  • Series 5000 – Key Slot Hairline Joint System

Aluminum Column Covers

Product Features

  • .125 aluminum skins standard (other thickness available .090”) with Kynar spray applied paint finish and painted to match anodized finishes
  • Maximum column cover piece lengths of 12’-0”
  • Our Aluminum Column Covers are available in an 15” minimum diameter
  • Aluminum Column Covers are more abuse resistant than gypsum or fiberglass based products or aluminum composite materials.
  • Ability to enclose interior or exterior horizontal and vertical structural columns
  • Designed for durability and functionality
  • Low-maintenance and cost-effective
  • Available in Rainscreen wet joint system
  • Available in several choices of custom-designed, durable, versatile, low-maintenance metals
  •  Custom conformed to adapt to all types of geometric designs of any building contour, Aluminum Column Covers can be round, square or rectangular in shape
  • Virtually limitless palette of finishes, colors and textures
  • Aluminum Column Covers are custom fabricated and not limited by minimum production runs or size limitations.
  • We engineer and fabricate our Aluminum Column Covers  in-house.
  • Green Building Assistance & LEED® Credit Potential
  • Finish warranties 10 -30 years. Consult DAMS Incorporated for specific limitations
  • Solid aluminum materials allow for forming techniques on curves, 3D profiles and difficult transitions without unsightly splices or joints common in composite materials.
  • Hand-crafted patterns, wood grains and colors are available
  • Joints can be 1/2, 3/4” or Key Slot Hairline
  • Finishes are post applied after fabrication by licensed applicators to provide the highest quality of finish coverage
  • Provides a seamless and continuous look
  • Unlimited palette of finishes, colors and textures with a 10 – 30 year
    warranty, depending on material
  • Available materials are aluminum, stainless steel and ACM

The Power to Transform

DAMS Incorporated provides aluminum column covers for a variety of applications and conditions to enhance any building.

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Aluminum Column Covers

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