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Metal Wall Panels | Aluminum Plate Panels

Metal Wall Panels

DAMS Incorporated’s Aluminum Metal Wall Panels are the ultimate building envelope product for architectural design where aesthetic performance is critical. These solid plate panel systems (Metal Wall Panels) feature our proprietary perimeter track and sliding clip attachment system which are ideally suited for complex configurations and shapes.

Aluminum plate panels can be utilized in a very wide variety of applications. Because these metal wall panels are made from solid aluminum as opposed to a thin sheet of aluminum or other metal on a composite core, fabrication options are endless. Aluminum plate panels are weld-able, so unique shapes can be fabricated and attached without the seams found in other systems. In addition, plate panel systems are post painted, allowing for lower paint costs when lower panel quantities are required for a color. All of DAMS Incorporated’s panel systems employ the same framing systems, so any material can be utilized on the same tested system, whether it be stainless steel, aluminum plate, or other natural metal.

Aluminum Plate Panels

Aluminum Plate Panels


Sandwich Panels

Wet Joint

Glazing Panel

Glazed – In

Product Features

  • Attachment system accommodates thermal movement
  • Have a single panel replacement option
  • Finish warranties up to 30 years
  • Up to 5’ x 16’ ultra-flat panel sizes
  • Low maintenance and cost effective
  • Fully tested to ASTM standards for air, water and structural performance
  • Increased panel depth design options
  • Metal Wall Panels can be curved or shaped into almost any configuration
  • Metal Wall Panels have color match smooth fasteners
  • Progressive or non-progressive installation options
  • Superior flatness and color
  • Economically priced
  • Unique sliding clip design for easy attachment and fast installation
  • Wet Joint panels utilize a field applied backer rod and sealant for wet sealed system joints

Architects Specify DAMS Engineered Cladding Solutions

From the complex curves of leading edge research facilities to the metered grid of office complexes,architects specify DAMS engineered cladding solutions to enhance and protect their designs.  See some more hotness

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Metal Wall Panels

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