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Dams Inc

Architectural Panels Wet Joint

- Weather tight

- Superior flatness and color

- Fully tested to ASTM standards for air,
water and structural performance

- Silicone sealant at the composite
panel joints

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Aluminum and Stainless Steel Architectural Panels, Wet Joint – CPWJ Series

Architectural Panels

DAMS Incorporated’s Wet Joint Metal Cladding Systems (Architectural Panels) have been in the market place for many years. The system utilizes continuous perimeter extrusions which reinforce the panel’s return, features sliding angle clips, and exposed caulking at the plate panel joints for attachment. Available in 1 1/2” or 2” system depth.

What are wet joint systems?

Panel system types are usually determined by the joint type. Wet joint systems typically have a backer rod and sealant in the joint. Sealant in the joint can offer some additional water penetration protection in unique conditions, whereas rainscreen systems employ a filler strip for a “Dry Joint”.  ½” and ¾” joints are the most common among these systems.

What are plate panels?

Plate panels are made from solid metal (aluminum – CPWJ Series, or stainless steel – CPWJ-SS Series) versus a composite panel, which is typically a “Sandwich” of 2 sheets of .020 metal (aluminum or specialty metal) with a Composite core.

Plate panels can have several advantages based on the application. One advantage includes the ability for the material to be welded. DAMS Incorporated’s plate panels come typically in .125” thickness and can be welded in unique shapes to conform to unique design conditions without the distortion or waring of thinner gauge panels. In addition, plate panels can offer some advantage over ACM panels in fire resistance.

Architectural Panels

Wet Joint Metal Clad

Product Features

  • Cost effective and easy installation
  • Wet joint Architectural Panels have interlocking and screw-alignment tabs
  • Up to a 20 year finish warranty
  • Have specialized perimeter attachments
  • All Architectural Panels have custom colors available
  • Have a single panel removal options
  • Wet joint Panels have exposed sealant in reveals
  • Excellent for curved applications
  • Wet joint Panels are Tested for ASTM 283, ASTM 330, ASTM 331 and AAMA 501
  • Utilizing a silicone sealant at the composite panel joints.
  • Wet joint have a seamless formed corner design
  • Have a no minimum quantity per color
  • Pre-punched sliding clips to align with stud locations for faster installation
  • Have 1/2 Inch caulked joints
  • Design-Build assistance
  • Green Building Assistance & LEED Credit Potential.

Low maintenance and cost effective

DAMS Incorporated’s Wet Joint Systems utilizes a silicone sealant at the composite panel joints for a weather resistant, easy to maintain cladding system.

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Architectural Panels


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