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Dams Inc
Dams Inc


- Reduce unwanted solar heat gain

- Saves energy by using natural light
while reducing demand for
air conditioning

- Lightweight aluminum construction
allows cantilever design options

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Lightshelves – LS Series


Windows receive a large amount of energy from the sun. Most of this is wasted on a single area, and direct sunlight can cause unpleasant glare on desks and computer monitors if a sun control system like Lightshelves is not utilized. Lightshelves compliment sun control by bringing indirect sunlight further into the space.

LightShelves reflect direct sunlight up to the ceiling, distributing it more evenly to make surfaces feel bigger and brighter. South-facing windows can illuminate up to many times their unit area. This light can be harsh if concentrated in one spot, but is extremely useful if distributed more evenly with the use of Lightshelves (sun control device).

Perfect for offices and meeting rooms, these shelves are a sustainable solution that reduces the need for daytime lighting. Deflecting light  also minimizes glare on desks and computer monitors, preserving the life of delicate surfaces and improving occupant comfort. The configuration and size are easily changed, so our light shelves are versatile enough to fit into any building design.

Light shelves

Light Shelves

Product Features

  • Adaptable to a project’s specific requirements
  • Offset unwanted concentrated heat loads and contributing to day lighting strategies
  • Lightweight aluminum construction allows cantilever design options
  • Made to your specifications
  • Design assistance available
  • pre-engineered to meet your design criteria
  • Enhance interior light levels and reduce demand for perimeter lighting
  • Gain LEED credit for recycled content and energy savings
  • Independently tested
  • Occupants enjoy the benefits of natural light with reduced glare from Light shelves

Don’t Block – Utilize the Sun

DAMS Incorporated Lightshelves bounce visible light up towards the ceiling, which reflect it down deeper into the interior of a room.

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