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Rainscreen Systems Plate Panel

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- Smooth finish

- Unlimited custom color possibilities

- Optional seamless formed
corner design

- Ideal for complex configurations
and shapes

Rainscreen Systems Plate Panel – CPRS Series

Rainscreen Systems

DAMS Incorporated’s Rainscreen Plate Panel Systems – CPRS are the ultimate building envelope product for high architectural design where aesthetic performance is critical. These solid plate panel systems (Rainscreen Systems) feature our proprietary perimeter-track and sliding-clip attachment system, which are ideally suited for complex configurations and shapes.

In addition, our seamless formed corner design made by our skilled craftsmen, offers the most consistent plate panel corner shape in the industry. Available in stainless steel, aluminum plate or other specialty materials, our plate panel systems can offer significant advantages in certain applications.

Rainscreen Plate Panel Systems

Metal Panel Systems

Product Features

  • Custom colors available
  • Ideal for complex configurations and shapes
  • Smooth finish seamless corners
  • Available with 1/2” or 3/4” joints.
  • Sealant-free reveals
  • Pre-punched sliding clip to align with stud locations
  • Finish warranties up to 20 years
  • Pressure equalized Rainscreen Systems design
  • Color match smooth fasteners
  • Single panel removal option
  • Seamless formed corner design
  • Perfect for small quantities of custom color
  • Specialized perimeter attachments
  • Independently tested to AAMA 508 voluntary test method for pressure-equalized Rainscreen Systems
  • Floating attachment system to accommodate thermal movement
  • Have a single panel removal option

Precise Plate Panels

DAMS Incorporated’s CPRS Rainscreen Plate Panel systems are ideal for complex configurations and shapes.
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Rainscreen Systems


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