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ACM Panels | Rainscreen Systems

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- Smooth finish

- Seamless corners

- Can be curved or shaped into
almost any configuration

- Ideal for complex configurations
and shapes

Rainscreen ACM Panels – CCRS Series

Rainscreen Systems

DAMS Incorporated’s Rainscreen ACM Panels – CCRS series are high performance exterior composite panel cladding designed to control the impact of wind driven rain on exterior walls. These systems, unique to DAMS Incorporated, feature a sliding clip perimeter attachment system for quick and efficient installations. Color-match smooth fasteners are also a key feature that eliminates unsightly screw heads or pop rivets in the joints. While providing a fastener with the highest pull out value available. Available in 4mm and 6mm panel thicknesses with 1/2” or 3/4” joints.

The Rainscreen Cladding Systems – CCRS series utilize a perimeter extrusion attachment system that combines the drained back ventilated Rainscreen Cladding Systems design that limits direct entry, prevents capillary action, manages cavity drainage correctly as it sheds and restrains the penetration of wind driven rain. Rainscreen ACM Panels control wind driven rain by separating the rain from the wind pressure and deals with them separately. As the wind impedes on the Rainscreen cladding, it penetrates the wall cavity through vents to push on the backup wall air barrier system.

If the air barrier is tight and well supported, the cavity pressure rises to become about equal to the surface pressure of the cladding.  When these two pressures become roughly equal, rain is no longer pushed or entrained into the wall cavity, the rain then flows downward over the surface of the ACM panels.  The rain is effectively stopped at the Rainscreen Systems surface while the wind is effectively resisted by the backup wall and air barrier system.

ACM Panels

Panel System

Product Features

  • Pressure-equalized rainscreen design
  • ACM joint filler variable in both joint size and color
  • Floating attachment system for accommodated thermal expansion
  • Low maintenance and cost effective
  • Flexible design options without sealant in the reveals
  • A variety of cores are available
  • Color match smooth fasteners
  • Drained, back ventilated rainscreen and pressure equalized design for a high performance building envelope
  • Design-Build assistance
  • Pre-engineered to meet your design criteria
  • Sealant-free reveals
  • Finish warranties up to 30 years
  • Can accommodate insulation
  • Can be curved or shaped into almost any configuration
  • Fully tested for air, water and structural performance
  • Independently tested to AAMA 508 voluntary test method and specification for pressure equalized rain screen wall cladding systems
  • Green Building Assistance & LEED® Credit Potential.
  • Single panel removal option
  • Unique sliding clip design for easy installation

The Power To Build your Design

DAMS Incorporated’s CCRS system gives architects freedom of design and contractors ease of installation.   See some more hotness

ACM Panels

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ACM Panels

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