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Architectural Wall Panels / Perforated Panel Systems

- Completely customizable

- A huge selection of standard
perforation patterns and the ability
to create any custom pattern

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Architectural Wall Panels Perforated Panel Systems – CPPP Series

Perforated Panel Systems

DAMS Incorporated’s Perforated Architectural Wall Panels (CPPP Series) are a unique way to stylize your exterior cladding as a vision screen or an architectural design element. Panels can be designed to accommodate a wide range of perforation patterns for a one-of-a-kind design.

Our Perforated Architectural Wall Panels utilize the same framing and attachment hardware as our aluminum plate panel systems. We can also design and fabricate cost effective custom systems to accommodate simple and complex geometry design criteria.

Perforated panel systems are an excellent way to provide unique styling to façade elements needing an additional feature. Used in a variety of instances, perforated panel systems can provide sun shading to the interior, design patters to the exterior and even provide a style at night to the façade when interior light is shown through the system.

Perforated panels are frequently used as sunshades, as equipment screens, and even as architectural grilles. Their versatility is derived for their infinite pattern options. In addition, perforated panels are a inexpensive way to cover a considerable amount of area with a stylized feature because of their cladding type nature. Perforated panels cover a maximum amount of surface area with a minimum amount of material, enabling them to stretch budgets without sacrificing design.

Architectural Wall Panels | Perforated Panel Systems

Architectural Wall Panels

Product Features

  • Have specialized perimeter attachments
  • Custom colors available
  • PVDF (Kynar) resin based coatings for long term finish warranties
  • Hole sizes and spacing can be customized to accommodate unique designs
  • Architectural Wall Panels are low maintenance
  • Optional panel depths and variations
  • Perforated Panel Systems installation options
  • Corrosion resistant advantages over alternate materials such as steel
  • Perforated Panel Systems come in a wide range of panel shapes and sizes.

A Unique Way to Stylize Your Exterior Cladding

DAMS Incorporated’s Perforated Panel Systems are a unique way to stylize your exterior cladding as a vision screen or an architectural design element.

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Architectural Wall Panels | Perforated Panel Systems

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