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Glazed In ACM Panel Systems

Aluminum Wall Panels

- Finish warranties up to
30 years

- Low maintenance and
cost effective

- Fabricated with one or
both sides finished

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Aluminum Wall Panels (Glazing) – CCGIP Series

Aluminum Wall Panels

Aluminum Wall Panels

DAMS Incorporated’s Glazing Aluminum Wall Panels –  CCGIP series systems are designed to be used as a “replacement for glass” in many glazing systems, including exterior, interior and structural silicone glazed. These panels are available in a variety of thicknesses, profiles, and as both single or double sided, to accommodate different design requirements.

Glazed in systems work together with curtainwall framing to provide a panel in place of the glass. Often our glazed in aluminum wall panels are painted to match either the other panel systems or the curtain wall components on the building. This system is ideal for when the design intent is to have all the façade elements complement each other with a continuous look.

Glazing Panels

Glaze It In!

DAMS Incorporated’s Glazing Panels  are designed to be used as a replacement for glass in any curtainwall.

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Aluminum Wall Panels

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