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Tube Architectural Grille Details – TU Series

Tube Architectural Grille Details – TU Series

Architectural Grilles Details          Architectural Grilles Details         Architectural Grilles Details

Product Features

  • Vertical and horizontal orientation options
  • Tube Grilles have a contemporary appeal with a modern approach
  • Attach to curtain wall or facade
  • Tube Grilles can be used simply as a decorative features
  • Grille and screen designs can be functional to meet performance needs
  • Tube Grilles have a wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Utilizes perforated material
  • Tube Grilles are strong, durable and functional
  • Durable long-term finish options
  • Units are pre-assembled at the factory for fast and easy installation
  • Design options may include straight and tilted blades
  • Tube Grilles – Custom fabrication available to match the contour of the building
  • A wide range of tubes, flat bars and channels can be configured to create a multitude of design options
See Tube Architectural Grille Details for information

Tube Architectural Grille Details

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