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Radiused Sunshade Details

Radiused Sunshade Details – RA Series

Curved Sunshades Details          Curved Sunshade Details         Curved Sunshades Details

Instead of having to miter the corner of the sun control device, you can now radius to match the contour of the building. Contouring sunshades to the shape of the fascia can provide a monolithic and continuous look and create the perfect visual accent to any project. Designs can be custom shaped to match the contours or segmented, to achieve a similar style.

Radiused Sunshade Details

Product Features

  • Vertical and horizontal orientation options
  • Contemporary appeal, modern approach
  • Attach to curtain wall or facade
  • Perfect for complex curves and bends, unusual attachment conditions
  • Distinctive and continuous architectural

Curved Sunshades Details

  • Wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Utilizes perforated material
  • Strong, durable, functional
  • Each sunshade is equipped with outriggers for mounting to the building with mounting brackets
  • Can be radiused or segmented to achieve a curved look
  • Design options may include straight and tilted blades
  • Custom fabrication available to match the contour of the building
  • Reduce unwanted solar heat gain

Radiused Sunshade Details

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