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Perforated Grille Specifications – PF Series

Perforated Grille Specifications – PF Series

We provide a wide range of customized Perforated Grilles with the ability to customize the hole size, shape and pattern. Our quality standards are legendary and extend to every product we manufacture.

Product Features

  • Decorative grilles and functional grilles
    design options available
  • A huge selection of standard perforation patterns and the ability to
    create any custom pattern
  • An excellent choice for noise abatement in specific environments
  • Lighter, more contemporary look than traditional grilles
  • Our Perforated Grille is completely customizable
  • Perfect for parking garages and equipment enclosures
  • Credits available for LEED projects
  • Designs can be made to accommodate maximum visible privacy
  • Lightweight and strong with unique visual appeal
  • PVDF (Kynar®) resin based coatings for long term finish warranties

Perforated Grille Specifications

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