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Light Shelves Specifications

Light Shelves Specifications

Light Shelves Specifications          Light Shelves Specifications

Product Features

  • Adaptable to a project’s specific requirements
  • Offset unwanted concentrated heat loads and contributing to day lighting strategies
  • Lightweight aluminum construction allows cantilever design options

Light Shelf Specifications

  • Product made to your specifications
  • Pre-engineered to meet your design criteria
  • Enhance interior light levels and reduce demand for perimeter lighting
  • Design assistance available
  • Independently tested
  • Occupants enjoy the benefits of natural light with reduced glare
  • These sunshades gain LEED credit for recycled content and energy savings
  • LEED Point Potential
Light Shelf Specificationsaamanet.orgmetalconstruction.orgLight Shelf Specifications

Light Shelf Specifications

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