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Egg crate grilles Details – EG Series

Egg crate grilles Details – EG Series

Eggcrate Grille Details          Eggcrate grille Details         Eggcrate Grille

Product Features

  • The Egg Crate Grille is commonly used in parking ramps and garages as they allow for maximum air flow for exhaust
  • Straight or angled bars can be utilized to deflect headlights in parking garages
  • Alternating bars create a uniques “stepping stone” appearance
  • Lighter, more contemporary look than traditional egg crate grille, eggcrate grilles
  • Completely customizable
  • Wide variety of  bar thicknesses, spacing, and depth options with our egg crate grille, eggcrate grilles
  • The Egg Crate Grille is strong, durable and functional with unlimited color possibilities
  • Ideal for visual screens to increase privacy, hide equipment or parking facilities.

Egg crate grilles Details

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