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Beam Covers Specifications

Beam Covers Specifications

Beam Covers and column wraps are custom-fabricated in aluminum, stainless steel or ACM. They can be standard-finished or custom-finished to meet any practical or aesthetic requirement.

Product Features

  • 4mm ACM material recommended (other thickness available)
  • Maximum column cover piece lengths of 10’-0”
  • Available in an 13” minimum diameter
  • More abuse resistant than gypsum or fiberglass based products
  • Finishes are coil coated
  • Ability to enclose interior or exterior horizontal and vertical structural columns
  • Can be custom conformed to adapt to all types of geometric designs
  • Virtually limitless palette of finishes, colors and textures
  • A variety of cores are available
  • All products are engineered and fabricated in-house.
  • Green Building Assistance & LEED® Credit Potential
  • Finish warranties up to 20 years. Consult DAMS Incorporated for specific limitations.
Beam Covers Specifications

Beam Covers Specifications

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