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Exterior Sun Shades




Project Name: High Rise Hotel

Architect: John Doe

Exterior Sun Shades

An economical way of creating a shading

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Exterior Sun

Exterior Sun Control

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Exterior Sun Shades

Dams_Incorporated_Learning_Springs_School_Exterior_Sunshades_010DAMS Incorporateds Intertec Exterior Sun Control division specializes in exterior sun shades for balconies, railings, brise soleil, and architectural solar screens enabling us to meet the needs of your custom design and specification.

Cantilevered, horizontal, vertical and inclined exterior sun shades applications may be utilized to filter the sun’s heat and glare, cut wintertime radiant heat loss and integrate natural light into atriums, walkways, skylights, reception areas and work spaces.

The Exterior Sun Control division also provides highly detailed shop drawings of their exterior sun shades, which go above the industry standards.  Building key plans, elevations, plan views, sections, and enlarged details of the brise soleil are all part of the package.  Drawings are legible, sensible and help streamline the approval process.

The Ultimate Exterior Sun Control

DAMS Incorporated Airfoil Sun Shades filter the sun’s heat and glare.


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Perfect for:

  • Exterior Sun Control
  • Overhead canopies / ceilings
  • Architectural solar screens

In addition, the exterior sunshade products are well suited for both new construction and retrofits offering any imaginable configuration to support the creative mind. The exterior sun shades are custom designed to meet the most stringent design criteria as well as being a 100% recyclable product.

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